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SDWAN Online Training and Certification Course

networkkings16 Feb 2022 Education

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) certification is meant for the individuals who want to become the best at configuring, managing, administrating, and using WAN technologies. In the era of increased use of virtualization, get SD-WAN training to operate medium-sized and large-sized networks in a business organization.

SD-WAN Certification: The ‘Know-It-All' Technical Certification  


Get to know everything you need to fuel your career as an SD-WAN Engineer.  

An SD-WAN certification would prove an individual’s skills in IT network development and support. 


 If you look up to becoming an SD-WAN engineer then the SD-WAN course is the go-to online certification technical course to kickstart your career in the WAN networking industry.  


To begin with, SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. Don’t know what this term really means? Stay tuned till the end to know everything. Let’s begin from the very basics.  


What really is SD-WAN?  


SD-WAN is a Cisco certification. As it stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network, SD-WAN is a non-traditional technology. It is the advanced way of connecting the users to their applications from any device, anytime and, anywhere.   


A traditional Wide Area Network uses Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to forward data to the data centers and it is not that efficient and is a time-consuming technology as well. This technology was fine until cloud computing came into existence and it boomed.   


With the shifting of applications on the cloud with the help of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) being one of the most popularly used cloud services; the time has changed.   


Sending applications from the cloud back to the data centers in order to deliver them to the Internet made no sense. Therefore, the ‘Software-defined’ came into existence.   

In simple words, it meant using the Internet to reach apps present on the Internet.  


Do you need any other tech certification before SD-WAN certification?  


An SD-WAN certification aspirant is expected to have the basic and the standard networking industry certifications before applying for the Cisco SD-WAN training. However, if you really want to be a very skilled SD-WAN engineer, you do need to have some networking certifications.  


Some of the major technical certifications to consider before SD-WAN certification include the following:  


  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching  

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Wireless  

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert  

  • Cisco Certified Internet Professional (CCIP)  

Having such professional certifications over time would definitely help you grow your career in the long run. Collect professional certifications as much as you can. That would really help you!  


What does an SD-WAN Engineer do?  


An SD-WAN Engineer is the ‘know-it-all'; as the title of this blog suggests. Let’s know-how?   


The SD-WAN technology is a way more intelligent, cloud-first way to build a Wide Area Network (WAN) that improves:  


  • Business productivity  

  • End-user quality of experience  

  • Grows business initiatives  

  • Lower down the costs.  


With the increased popularity of the use of SD-WAN rather than the old school WAN, the job opportunities for SD-WAN Engineers are increasing more than ever before.  


An SD-WAN Engineer is the watch-eye of the whole business organization. The various tasks depend on the organization; however, the major tasks remain the same. They work along with the System Engineers to run an organization in the Enterprise-level networking environment.  


Having a Cisco SD-WAN certification would allow you to do the following tasks:  


  • Design and apply SD-WAN network configurations  

  • Make the user experience smooth by troubleshooting SD-WAN technologies  

  • Expertise in building and implementing systems for an organization  

  • Building relationships with the Engineering team  

  • Technical leader in the organization  


Being an SD-WAN Engineer is a task; it comes with a lot of responsibilities. But the job is highly-reputed.  


How much can you earn after SD-WAN certification?  


Getting an SD-WAN certification would fetch you a really handsome salary and of course, you can always upgrade after the SD-WAN course. The field experience matters, a lot.   


On average, a Network Engineer including an SD-WAN Engineer can easily make $71,399 a year. The best part is that there is always room to expand your career. You can even go for freelancing at the Enterprise-level and make tons of money.  


After all, the sky is the limit. It is the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into it.  


What kind of SD-WAN training can you take?  

Undergoing SD-WAN training from a well-recognized institution is really important as it will decide your future and your career path.  


In the current times, SD-WAN online training is available all over the Internet, however, you need to have a good eye to get a quality learning experience.   


One of such platforms that can assure you quality training is Network Kings. You can get yourself enrolled at this online ed-tech platform and enjoy a lot of benefits such as:  


  • Live interactive classes  

  • 24/7 lab access  

  • 100% placement assistance  

  • Interview assistance  

  • Career counseling  

  • Flexible languages used (Both Hindi and English)  


To learn more about the SD-WAN course, hop on to the official Network Kings website.  


Is SD-WAN certification really worth it?  


SD-WAN technology forms a critical part of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).   

According to Gartner, 40% of the IT tech industries would adopt SASE architecture by 2024. 


Since SASE relies on SD-WAN, there is an increased demand for SD-WAN Engineers as data security is very important for business organizations. As SD-WAN Engineers are so in demand right now, going for SD-WAN training is a no-brainer.  


You can definitely earn high with SD-WAN certification and become in-demand in the technical industry.  


Summing up:  


Cloud computing technology is plunging right now and is full of high-paying job opportunities. Entering the cloud industry through becoming an SD-WAN Engineer would really help you grow and expand your career as being the hottest job in the current technological scenario.  


Get yourself enrolled at a recognized IT institute online to begin your SD-WAN learning journey. You will get to interact with the customer problems directly as well. If you like to interact, this job is quite suitable for you then as well.  


Begin your career in the networking domain to get going. Bagging all the networking professional certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE along with SD-WAN would really help you to get a very high-paying job in the networking industry.  


Note - Book yourself a class of SD-WAN training today. Don’t waste your time. 


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